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 * Asterisk -- A telephony toolkit for Linux.
 * Implementation of Inter-Asterisk eXchange
 * Copyright (C) 1999, Mark Spencer
 * Mark Spencer <markster@linux-support.net>
 * This program is free software, distributed under the terms of
 * the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL)

#if defined(_MSC_VER)
/* disable zero-sized array in struct/union warning */
#pragma warning(disable:4200)

#ifndef LINUX
#define socklen_t int

#include "frame.h"
#include "iax2.h"
#include "iax2-parser.h"

#define MAXSTRLEN 80

#define IAX_AUTHMETHOD_MD5                IAX_AUTH_MD5

extern char iax_errstr[];

struct iax_session;

#define IAX_EVENT_CONNECT 0               /* Connect a new call */
#define IAX_EVENT_ACCEPT  1               /* Accept a call */
#define IAX_EVENT_HANGUP  2               /* Hang up a call */
#define IAX_EVENT_REJECT  3               /* Rejected call */
#define IAX_EVENT_VOICE   4               /* Voice Data */
#define IAX_EVENT_DTMF    5               /* A DTMF Tone */
#define IAX_EVENT_TIMEOUT 6               /* Connection timeout...  session will be
                                                         a pointer to free()'d memory! */
#define IAX_EVENT_LAGRQ   7               /* Lag request -- Internal use only */
#define IAX_EVENT_LAGRP   8               /* Lag Measurement.  See event.lag */
#define IAX_EVENT_RINGA   9               /* Announce we/they are ringing */
#define IAX_EVENT_PING    10        /* Ping -- internal use only */
#define IAX_EVENT_PONG    11        /* Pong -- internal use only */
#define IAX_EVENT_BUSY    12        /* Report a line busy */
#define IAX_EVENT_ANSWER  13        /* Answer the line */

#define IAX_EVENT_IMAGE   14        /* Send/Receive an image */
#define IAX_EVENT_AUTHRQ  15        /* Authentication request */
#define IAX_EVENT_AUTHRP  16        /* Authentication reply */

#define IAX_EVENT_REGREQ  17        /* Registration request */
#define IAX_EVENT_REGACK  18        /* Registration reply */
#define IAX_EVENT_URL     19        /* URL received */
#define IAX_EVENT_LDCOMPLETE 20           /* URL loading complete */

#define IAX_EVENT_TRANSFER    21          /* Transfer has taken place */

#define IAX_EVENT_DPREQ       22          /* Dialplan request */
#define IAX_EVENT_DPREP       23          /* Dialplan reply */
#define IAX_EVENT_DIAL        24          /* Dial on a TBD call */

#define IAX_EVENT_QUELCH      25          /* Quelch Audio */
#define IAX_EVENT_UNQUELCH    26          /* Unquelch Audio */

#define IAX_EVENT_UNLINK      27          /* Unlink */
#define IAX_EVENT_LINKREJECT  28          /* Link Rejection */
#define IAX_EVENT_TEXT        29          /* Text Frame :-) */
#define IAX_EVENT_REGREJ  30        /* Registration reply */
#define IAX_EVENT_LINKURL     31          /* Unlink */
#define IAX_EVENT_CNG   32          /* Comfort-noise (almost silence) */

/* moved from iax.c to support attended transfer */
#define IAX_EVENT_TXREPLY     1000
#define IAX_EVENT_TXREJECT    1001
#define IAX_EVENT_TXACCEPT  1002
#define IAX_EVENT_TXREADY     1003

#define IAX_SCHEDULE_FUZZ 0               /* ms of fuzz to drop */

#ifdef WIN32
#if defined(_MSC_VER)
typedef int (__stdcall *sendto_t)(SOCKET, const char *, int, int, const struct sockaddr *, int);
typedef int (__stdcall *recvfrom_t)(SOCKET, char *, int, int, struct sockaddr *, int *);
typedef int PASCAL (*sendto_t)(SOCKET, const char *, int, int, const struct sockaddr *, int);
typedef int PASCAL (*recvfrom_t)(SOCKET, char *buf, int len, int flags, struct sockaddr *from, int *fromlen);
typedef int (*sendto_t)(int, const void *, size_t, int, const struct sockaddr *, socklen_t);
typedef int (*recvfrom_t)(int s, void *buf, size_t len, int flags, struct sockaddr *from, socklen_t *fromlen);

struct iax_event {
      int etype;                                /* Type of event */
      int subclass;                             /* Subclass data (event specific) */
      unsigned int ts;                    /* Timestamp */
      struct iax_session *session;  /* Applicable session */
      int datalen;                              /* Length of raw data */
      struct iax_ies ies;                       /* IE's for IAX2 frames */
      unsigned char data[0];              /* Raw data if applicable */

#if defined(__cplusplus)
extern "C"

/* All functions return 0 on success and -1 on failure unless otherwise
   specified */

/* Called to initialize IAX structures and sockets.  Returns actual
   portnumber (which it will try preferred portno first, but if not
   take what it can get */
extern int iax_init(int preferredportno);

/* Get filedescriptor for IAX to use with select or gtk_input_add */
extern int iax_get_fd(void);

/* Find out how many milliseconds until the next scheduled event */
extern int iax_time_to_next_event(void);

/* Generate a new IAX session */
extern struct iax_session *iax_session_new(void);

/* Return exactly one iax event (if there is one pending).  If blocking is
   non-zero, IAX will block until some event is received */
extern struct iax_event *iax_get_event(int blocking);

extern int iax_auth_reply(struct iax_session *session, char *password, 
                                    char *challenge, int methods);

/* Free an event */
extern void iax_event_free(struct iax_event *event);

struct sockaddr_in;

/* Front ends for sending events */
extern int iax_send_dtmf(struct iax_session *session, char digit);
extern int iax_send_voice(struct iax_session *session, int format, char *data, int datalen, int samples);
extern int iax_send_cng(struct iax_session *session, int level, char *data, int datalen);
extern int iax_send_image(struct iax_session *session, int format, char *data, int datalen);
extern int iax_send_url(struct iax_session *session, char *url, int link);
extern int iax_send_text(struct iax_session *session, char *text);
extern int iax_send_ping(struct iax_session *session);
extern int iax_load_complete(struct iax_session *session);
extern int iax_reject(struct iax_session *session, char *reason);
extern int iax_busy(struct iax_session *session);
extern int iax_hangup(struct iax_session *session, char *byemsg);
extern int iax_call(struct iax_session *session, char *cidnum, char *cidname, char *ich, char *lang, int wait, int format, int capability);
extern int iax_accept(struct iax_session *session, int format);
extern int iax_answer(struct iax_session *session);
extern int iax_sendurl(struct iax_session *session, char *url);
extern int iax_send_unlink(struct iax_session *session);
extern int iax_send_link_reject(struct iax_session *session);
extern int iax_ring_announce(struct iax_session *session);
extern struct sockaddr_in iax_get_peer_addr(struct iax_session *session);
extern int iax_register(struct iax_session *session, char *hostname, char *peer, char *secret, int refresh);
extern int iax_lag_request(struct iax_session *session);
extern int iax_dial(struct iax_session *session, char *number);   /* Dial on a TBD call */
extern int iax_dialplan_request(struct iax_session *session, char *number);   /* Request dialplan status for number */
extern int iax_quelch(struct iax_session *session);
extern int iax_unquelch(struct iax_session * session);
extern int iax_transfer(struct iax_session *session, char *number);  
extern int iax_quelch_moh(struct iax_session *session, int MOH);

extern void iax_destroy(struct iax_session  * session);

extern void iax_enable_debug(void);
extern void iax_disable_debug(void);

/* For attended transfer, application create a new session,
 * make a call on the new session.
 * On answer of the new session, call iax_setup_transfer and wait for
 * IAX_EVENT_TXREADY when both sides are completed succefully or
 * IAX_EVENT_TXREJECT for either side.
 * If there are music on hold the it will be stopped by this library.
extern int iax_setup_transfer(struct iax_session *s0, struct iax_session *s1);

struct iax_netstat {
      int jitter;
      int losspct;
      int losscnt;
      int packets;
      int delay;
      int dropped;
      int ooo;
/* fills in rtt, and an iax_netstat structure for each of local/remote directions of call */
int iax_get_netstats(struct iax_session *s, int *rtt, struct iax_netstat *local, struct iax_netstat *remote);

void iax_set_private(struct iax_session *s, void *pvt);
void *iax_get_private(struct iax_session *s);
void iax_set_sendto(struct iax_session *s, sendto_t sendto);

/* to use application networking instead of internal, set call this instead of iax_init,
 * and pass in sendto and recvfrom replacements.  blocking reads may not be implemented */
void iax_set_networking(sendto_t st, recvfrom_t rf);

/* Handle externally received frames */
struct iax_event *iax_net_process(unsigned char *buf, int len, struct sockaddr_in *sin);

#if defined(__cplusplus)


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